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Selected 2018
Short gospel videos

The videos hosted on this website are dedicated to Jesus  Christ, His word, His work and His will.

Be inspired, encouraged and uplifted.

Videos are streamed from both Youtube and our HTML5 server
Messageweek Media Ministries

Four Days Late

"Four Days Late" worship song, presented by Carlo Tedesco, at the Australian General Conference, Church of God (Seventh Day), January 2018. 4 min. (Film #557)

Messageweek Media Ministries

The Best Version of You

What is the best version of you? How persistent are those foibles and failings that try to define us? Is our story one of where we've been, or by who we're becoming? 2 min excerpt. (Film #556. See sermon link for full message).

Messageweek Media Ministries

Wedding Anniversary

With so much in the news lately about the definition of marriage, this short video is a reminder of the original and sacred intent of the lifetime, exclusive marriage between a man and a woman.
1 min. (Film #555)

Messageweek Media Ministries

Appointed Times

"The time is coming..." said Jesus. Our time on this earth is short. Is it the end of the story - or just the beginning?  11 min. (Film #554)

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