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We are a not-for-profit, free community media service, using emerging film and streaming technologies to share the best news we could ever hear!

Because each short film is centred on the most influential person in history, Jesus Christ, the hope, insight and inspiration derived from his words have transformed millions of lives.

Jesus often taught using stories and parables. Many of us remember the stories told us from childhood. Today, many gain their moral compass from stories told in movies and television. We can only conclude that "a visual culture demands a visual gospel." 

Our film work started on a documentary filmed in the Middle East in 1985. Our first digital films streamed over the internet in 1997 in dialup formats. As internet technologies developed, our work of sharing the gospel by video has also improved. Many of our videos are just a few minutes in duration, with longer videos added later.

For over two decades, our mission and ministry in film has always been to simply share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Of 580+ gospel films produced, our topics essentially have focussed on the essential "Rs" of " Receive Jesus", "Resurrection Hope", "Return of Jesus", and "The Rest of God". All intersect in the identity, life and ministry of Jesus.

Reflecting over the past 20 years, producer John said, "Back then, we really had no idea of how far-reaching and effective media streaming could be. There was always, however, that call to persist in exploring the timelessness of God's grace and truth in our complex world of faith-versus-secularism."

We hope and pray that the good news of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ blesses and strengthens your fellowship and faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Meet some of our team...

Calling, prayer and faith. But most of all, Jesus.

John Klassek


John has a background in graphic design and IT support, beginning filmwork in the 1980s. He enjoys archaeology, portraiture and motorcycling. Author of "Hope of the Resurrection", John is also Secretary of the International Ministerial Congress.


Leah worked in Business Management, enjoys home life as mum, and steals any free moments for her artwork and an occasional Netflix. She is a talented presenter who also enjoys short video editing.


A graduate of Sydney Film School, Hannah works as a freelance cinematographer. She enjoys travel, motorcycling, and 2nd AC camera work. She has worked on numerous short films, adverts, as well as feature films.


Rebecca enjoys quilting and patchwork, as well as playing worship music. Mum to six, and Nan to five grandchildren, she operates the cinema camera during studio and on-location filming.

Volunteers helping advance Jesus' Kingdom

"There are many others also who, at various times and from their resources, have blessed this ministry. Thank you!

The video below is one from about 20 years ago when we first set out to experiment with internet video.

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